Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist
A Dynamic Duo

September 9th 2019
Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist Revue

O.K. i just got back from seeing Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist at a Noontime Showcase at Antoinette Hatfield Hall and what a show it was! Christie Josef is a strong, beautiful and articulate vocalist playing crisp acoustic guitar rhythms and bright piano while Bret Malmquist is clearly an acomplised lead guitarist adding the perfect color to all the tunes. When meeting Christie Josef i instantly felt that she was a person that anyone could feel comfortable around radiating an acceptance for everybody she meets. The original music that they played (Christie Josef and The Purpose) told stories about life inspiration, never giving up and the human kindness within us all. During the song "The Sum Of Us Is One" they passed around little plastic "Earth Balls" you could bounce around the audience, later passing around cut out paper smiles pasted to popsicle sticks and magic wands that sparkled....for a brief moment i felt the warm fuzzy feeling i had back in 1st grade as if i was learning important life values for later use. What a great way to spend a Monday afternoon!!

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