Eric Kallio's Cascadian Pride

July 20th 2019
Eric Kalio Revue

Saturday night i saw Eric Kallio playing at an irish pub in Portland. After listening to Eric's first album (Glass Wood & Steel) for the past nine months i knew he would be good, but my expectations were exceeded! Eric Kallio is a master of the Acoustic, Steel and Slide Guitars (probably all guitars), playing solo and using a loop Eric picked out some of the best tunage i have heard in years. In addition to the awesome performance his songwriting is nothing short of sublime, giving us sounds laced with "Cascadian Pride" and a true connection to the universe. Along with tunes on his first album and some great covers, Eric played songs from his upcoming album "Life Force" to be released in September ( must have for any true music fan. Thanks for the beautiful Vibe!!!

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