King Black Acid and the Rainbow Lodge

August 16th 2018
King Black Acid and The Rainbow Lodge

I've been listening to King Black Acid for a decade and for the life of me i can't figure why i waited ten years to see them on stage ...what a dumb ass! Daniel John Riddle, who has been recording as King Black Acid for three decades is a tower of light on stage sharing vocals with Gabby Holt - they go together like bread and butter. Rich Landar and Jonathan Moore on keys provided the perfet atmosphere for psychedelic cemetery, Jordan Ruback on drums, Bryan Owens on guitar and Erik Mimnaugh on bass projected an energy that i thought was lost to rock bands of the past. One thing i am sure of...this band was polished! I was absolutly freaked by the power of Gabby Holt's rock n' roll, sexual vibe and vocals. Of course thumbs up to Daniel John Riddle for writing and arranging the music as well as playing a mean guitar himself! I left the Holocene feeling like i cheated the band by only paying $10. to get in. Thanks for completely blowing my mind,
Douglas JMarijuana Leaf