The Streetcar Conductors at Holocene

August 16th 2018
The Streetcar Conductors

On Thursday August 16th i saw the Streetcar Conductors at Holocene and they played music from their allbum "The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors". I have been listing to this band for about 3 months and they sounded great live! Every song they did was "tight" and the material written by Jonathan Moore was profesional, light hearted and happy. In addition to his great songwriting abilities, Jonathan Moore pounds out a fantastic beat on the drums and has the perfect voice for the Streetcar Conductors. Accompanying him on vocals and keyboards was Carmen Charters continuing the bright happy vibration along with Matthew Dinaro, Jimmy Ling and Michael Hollifield's professional musicianship and awesome stage presence. Listening to the Streetcar Conductors i was magically whisked away to my childhood and ealy 1970s pop - could the Streetcar Conductors be the next Partridge Family of Portland? I love this band!!!
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