Wonder Ballroom/Floater Gig

May 12th 2018
The Wonder Ballroom

Just got back from the Floater concert @ the Wonder Ballroom and i wanted to address something that happened to me on the way in. The security has gotten a little tighter @ the Wonder and i understand the need for it - i feel safer when the staff does a pat down to check for weapons but during this pat down i was asked if i had any "Marijuana Products" on my person. As Marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon and i am an Oregon citizen i answered "Yes, i have a bullet in my pocket". I was told i would have to leave it outside. My question is...since Wornder sells booze (witch is legal) on the premises, is the no weed paraphernalia a licensing thing or just a discrimination thing? On a better note, Floater KICKED ASS! I am so happy i got to see them, they are a Portland institution - thanks for being awesome! (unfortunatly, after a long and strong encore call, the Wonder Ballroom would not let the band come back on), I Wonder why?
Douglas JMarijuana Leaf