Now that Marijuana is legal in Oregon, music fans can celebrate by patronizing their favorite weed stores and then pedal or catch TriMet to see a local band at one of the many venues in the Portland area. is a local listing of music, cannabis shops and independent eateries in the greater area of Portland Oregon - And don't forget to check out The Vibe PDX Radio, streaming all Portland Oregon bands, all the time! Marijuana Leaf



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Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist
A Dynamic Duo

September 9th 2019
Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist Revue

O.K. i just got back from seeing Christie Josef and Bret Malmquist at a Noontime Showcase at Antoinette Hatfield Hall and what a show it was! Christie Josef is a strong, beautiful and articulate vocalist playing crisp acoustic guitar rhythms and bright piano while Bret Malmquist is clearly an acomplised lead guitarist adding the perfect color to all the tunes. When meeting Christie Josef i instantly felt that she was a person that anyone could feel comfortable around radiating an acceptance for everybody she meets. The original music that they played (Christie Josef and The Purpose) told stories about life inspiration, never giving up and the human kindness within us all. During the song "The Sum Of Us Is One" they passed around little plastic "Earth Balls" you could bounce around the audience, later passing around cut out paper smiles pasted to popsicle sticks and magic wands that sparkled....for a brief moment i felt the warm fuzzy feeling i had back in 1st grade as if i was learning important life values for later use. What a great way to spend a Monday afternoon!!

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Eric Kallio's Cascadian Pride

July 20th 2019
Eric Kalio Revue

Saturday night i saw Eric Kallio playing at an irish pub in Portland. After listening to Eric's first album (Glass Wood & Steel) for the past nine months i knew he would be good, but my expectations were exceeded! Eric Kallio is a master of the Acoustic, Steel and Slide Guitars (probably all guitars), playing solo and using a loop Eric picked out some of the best tunage i have heard in years. In addition to the awesome performance his songwriting is nothing short of sublime, giving us sounds laced with "Cascadian Pride" and a true connection to the universe. Along with tunes on his first album and some great covers, Eric played songs from his upcoming album "Life Force" to be released in September ( must have for any true music fan. Thanks for the beautiful Vibe!!!

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Vibe PDX Radio

The Shook Twins @ Revolution Hall

April 6th 2019
Shook Twins Revue

My second show at Revolution Hall blew my mind and awakened my soul....The Shook Twins played every song from their new album - "Some Good Lives" (Dutch Records) from start to finish, beginning the show by walking through the isles onto the stage as the crowd went wild. The two feminist originally from Sandpoint, Idaho and settling in Portland Oregon made Men in the world (the good ones) the main theme of the evening speaking of fellows from the past and present, some that were still with us...struggling and some that had passed on including a recording of their beloved grandfather playing piano. The multi instrumentalist twin sisters (Katelyn and Laurie) sound like the Angels shining light down on to the earth when they sing...making my spirit swell up in complete joy as a tear droped out of my eye. They finished the show with "Shine On", an old Cranberries song and "Shake". Thanks for making an otherwise crappy week (for me) end in perfection!

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Haley Heynderickx - Someone I Could Hang Out With

September 27th 2018
Haley Heynderickx Band

My first show at Revolution Hall - Haley Heynderickx along with Mama Bird's Songs-in-the-Round featuring Barna Howard, Matt Dorrien, Faustina Masigat, Ryan Oxford and Taylor Kingman was a sheer delight. First off Barna Howard, Matt Dorrien, Faustina Masigat, Ryan Oxford and Taylor Kingman played solo songs one after the other, moving from one artist to the next all five facing the audience..going around about three times - They were all very good, i plan on looking each one of them up! After that Haley Heynderickx came out to a sold out "Rev Hall" playing songs from her only album "I Need To Start A Garden" and others. It's so cool that Haley came home to Portland to do a show before going back out on tour in the U.S., Canada and Switzerland. Heynderickx is a unique and masterful songwriter, i think my faves are "Jo", "The Bug Collector", "Oom Sha La La" and "No Face" wich she closed with, but i love them all! Haley Heynderickx is so sweet telling jokes and stories throughout the show as well as her band who were awesome! At one point Lily Breshears who shared vocals with Haley told the story of how the trumpet players "butt was possessed by a ghost" and had to exit out his nose. All in all Haley Heynderickx was one of the best shows i have seen, she is a wonderfully cool personality and someone i could definitely hang out with,

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The Streetcar Conductors at Holocene

August 16th 2018
The Streetcar Conductors

On Thursday August 16th i saw the Streetcar Conductors at Holocene and they played music from their allbum "The Very Best of Streetcar Conductors". I have been listing to this band for about 3 months and they sounded great live! Every song they did was "tight" and the material written by Jonathan Moore was profesional, light hearted and happy. In addition to his great songwriting abilities, Jonathan Moore pounds out a fantastic beat on the drums and has the perfect voice for the Streetcar Conductors. Accompanying him on vocals and keyboards was Carmen Charters continuing the bright happy vibration along with Matthew Dinaro, Jimmy Ling and Michael Hollifield's professional musicianship and awesome stage presence. Listening to the Streetcar Conductors i was magically whisked away to my childhood and ealy 1970s pop - could the Streetcar Conductors be the next Partridge Family of Portland? I love this band!!!
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King Black Acid and the Rainbow Lodge

August 16th 2018
King Black Acid and The Rainbow Lodge

I've been listening to King Black Acid for a decade and for the life of me i can't figure why i waited ten years to see them on stage ...what a dumb ass! Daniel John Riddle, who has been recording as King Black Acid for three decades is a tower of light on stage sharing vocals with Gabby Holt - they go together like bread and butter. Rich Landar and Jonathan Moore on keys provided the perfet atmosphere for psychedelic cemetery, Jordan Ruback on drums, Bryan Owens on guitar and Erik Mimnaugh on bass projected an energy that i thought was lost to rock bands of the past. One thing i am sure of...this band was polished! I was absolutly freaked by the power of Gabby Holt's rock n' roll, sexual vibe and vocals. Of course thumbs up to Daniel John Riddle for writing and arranging the music as well as playing a mean guitar himself! I left the Holocene feeling like i cheated the band by only paying $10. to get in. Thanks for completely blowing my mind,
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Music Is Meditation

June 16th 2018
Music Is Meditation

Probably farther back than i can remember, Music has had a hold on's been the one thing that has never let me down in life. If i need to relive a memory, Music is there. When i feel alone, Music has always been there to comfort me. When the world is cruel and unjust, Music gives me the strength to rebel and persevere. The energy passed back and forth between the stage and audience is spiritual. I can't explain exactly why but Music reaches the innermost part of me, that place beyond thinking where i don't have to try...i just am. People listen to Music in the mornings, we listen to Music when we drive or ride the bus. People listen to Music at work, at parties and we go out to watch Music on stage. So i want to thank the musicians that have given the gift of Music to my world, for all your hard work, for all your practice and touring - for all you do! In the words of the immortal Dobie Gray - "Oh give me the beat boys and free my soul, i wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away". Music is Meditation
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Laura Veirs @ Mississippi Studios

May 19th 2018
Laura Veirs album The Lookout

Laura Veirs served up nothing short of a delicious meal at Mississippi Studios Saturday night playing songs from her latest album "The Lookout"(that you can buy on vinyl and CD on her site) as well as other tasty cuts from her past volumes. Laura Veirs music is sweet, crisp and original. Veirs is a super guitar player and her feel good melow dramatic vocals make me proud i live in a city that produces artist like her. Her band was tight with a tour de force violinist. They had a cool backdrop with animation from someone on instagram that accented the music perfect! Mississippi Studios is a great place to see a band and the staff really has it together.

P.S. Kati Claborn and Luke Ydstie from Blind Pilot were their selling Laura Veirs t shirts - How cool is that?!
Thanks for a great time,
Douglas JMarijuana Leaf

Wonder Ballroom/Floater Gig

May 12th 2018
The Wonder Ballroom

Just got back from the Floater concert @ the Wonder Ballroom and i wanted to address something that happened to me on the way in. The security has gotten a little tighter @ the Wonder and i understand the need for it - i feel safer when the staff does a pat down to check for weapons but during this pat down i was asked if i had any "Marijuana Products" on my person. As Marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon and i am an Oregon citizen i answered "Yes, i have a bullet in my pocket". I was told i would have to leave it outside. My question is...since Wornder sells booze (witch is legal) on the premises, is the no weed paraphernalia a licensing thing or just a discrimination thing? On a better note, Floater KICKED ASS! I am so happy i got to see them, they are a Portland institution - thanks for being awesome! (unfortunatly, after a long and strong encore call, the Wonder Ballroom would not let the band come back on), I Wonder why?
Douglas JMarijuana Leaf